Directory Board



Director of Feed Mill Operations

Ilknur Helvaci;

İlknur Helvaci has spent 25 years in Feed Mill Industry in Yemmak Feed Technologies until she has joined our company in 2016.  She has been very enthusiastic into Feed Technologies for the last two decades with completing more than 300 Feed Mill Factories from zero to operating factory stage. She has been leading the operations of Feed Mills from Russia to Egypt, Ukraine to Iran and many other Middle East Countries since then.

She is fluent in English, Married and has two children.



Director of Steel Silo Operations:

Seyfettin Satar

Seyfettin Satar after graduation from University back in 2006 joined our company for the Silo Operations; during his career he has worked in many different Steel Silo Projects in different countries. 

He has a very good sense of Silo Solutions as well project design ability in all stages of Steel Silo Construction.




Director of Central Asia Operations

Davlet Mamedov

Davlet Mamedov studied in Turkey for his undergraduate education in Chemical Engineering Faculty. 

He then travelled aross Europe and Asia for his career in FMCG and Machinery Industries. He has been responsible for our Central Asia Operations for the last three years in all subjects related to Machinery Systems and FMCG Services.

He is fluent in Russian, English and Turkish.


Director of Central and East Africa Operations

Ammar Alshami

Our Africa Operations Director Ammar has spent many years in Africa for trading FMCG Products and Consumer Durable Goods. After he has studied Management in University years he decided to be a Businessman in African Region, since he has a very well and deep experience in the region our company is having strong ties with African Countries and Businessmen of the Continent.

Ammar knows fluent Arabic, English and Turkish.



Director of North Africa Operations

Ovunc Leblebici

Our North Africa Operations Director has spent many years in French Speaking Countries while he carried out his career from the evry early stage. He has been very strong in interpersonal interactions and corporate business world with a well built intellectual background. His main focus in Northern Africa Region is to supply sustainable Feed Sources for the Region's developing economic system.

He is fleunt in French, English and Turkish.